How to get your Subtank Mini to Stop Leaking!

The Subtank Mini are great tanks but there is one problem that a lot of people are experiencing, they leak. Which doesn’t mean it’s defective or broken, it more then likely just doesn’t have a nice vacuum seal inside which causes the juice to slowly seep out. No worries though, a quick clean up and bit of dental floss should do the trick, here’s how I fixed mine:

Step One: Unscrew the Subtank from your mod. Baby steps…

Step Two: Unscrew the glass from the base and rinse out the tank using warm water.

Step Three: Unscrew the coil from the base and check to make sure the small rubber ring (the clear one) are still in tact. Also, check the larger black O-ring on the base of the Subtank, it should be securely in place and not damaged.

Step Four: Slide the glass tube off of the tank exposing the two black O-rings.

Step Five: Remove the bottom O-Ring from the Subtank and check the top O-ring for any damage or misalignment. The bottom O-ring is typically the cause of leaky tanks. Clean the bottom O-ring in warm water and check for any defects.

Step Six: Wrap some dental floss around the bottom grove where the O-ring sits. This will puff out the bottom O-ring ever so slightly creating a tighter seal. Make sure the dental floss sits flush against the tank with no visible wrinkles or twists.

Step Seven: Put the bottom O-ring back on making sure it covers the dental floss we just added. Carefully slide the glass tube back on the tank. If it doesn’t slide on easily you may need to remove a layer of the dental floss. Be sure the O-rings are aligned properly and create a solid seal.

Step Eight: Put the coil and base back together being sure they also create a juice tight seal. Add juice and enjoy.

Hopefully that worked for you and everything is all fine and dandy once again (:

How To Make Your Own E-juice, Nicotine Juice, E liquid

It’s great seeing all these awesome folks create delicious blends of nicotine juice/e-liquid/e-juice (We really need to think of better names for this stuff) but wouldn’t it be great if you could make your own? Surprisingly enough, It’s actually super easy and cheaper to just make it yourself (but you should still buy ours:). Here’s how:

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Flavoring (You can buy flavoring online with just a quick google search)
  • Propylene Glycol aka PG (Creates a throat hit similar to an analog cigarette and tastes sweeter, be aware some people are more sensitive and allergic to PG)
  • Vegetable Glycerin aka VG (Creates more vapor than PG and is incredibly smooth with almost no throat hit, it’s also tastes sweet)
  • Unflavored Nicotine (Sold typically diluted with PG or VG)

Your toolbox:

  • Some syringes to accurately measure your ingredients
  • Some bottles to store your juice in
  • We use beakers to mix the juice we sell but it’s unnecessary for small DIY setups
  • GLOVES!!! Gloves are very important since nicotine can be absorbed through your skin which can get you sick if your dealing with concentrated nicotine.
  • A safe place to work and store your ingredients, be sure you mix your juice in a safe area away from pets and those damn kids.
  • Everclear (Makes the whole process much more fun, just kidding, it’s to clean your tools. You want to avoid using cleaners on your syringes as it can leave toxic residues) If Everclear is not sold in your state, some vodka will do the trick!

Step one: Get those gloves on!

Step two: Use the syringes to mix your flavoring together, it’s best write down each flavor and the amount used so you can tweak the recipe later. If you want to make a cool strawberry banana flavor a could place to start would be to mix 1 ml of strawberry, 1 ml of banana and .1 ml of menthol (Menthol is a very very very strong flavor). Do some sniff checks and smell the mixture, it won’t necessarily be exactly how it tastes but if you like the smell, you’ll more then likely enjoy the taste.

Tip: Smell some coffee grounds to reset your senses and get a fresh take on the flavor your making.

Step three: This step is optional, Once you got a small mixture of flavoring it’s time to do a quick vape test, at Roosevelt Vape we do these without nicotine and almost always in max VG. Not using nicotine and making the juice max VG insures a smooth and voluminous test batch where you can more accurately grasp each element of the flavor. To create this test batch we have to do a bit of math, generally flavoring accounts for 15% to 20% of ejuice, so just multiply the amount of flavoring you used by four and you’ll have 20% flavoring and 80% VG. Going back to our cool strawberry banana flavor, we mixed 2.1 ml of flavoring so we want to add 8.4ml of VG for a test batch.

Step four: So now that you have your desired flavor, lets scale it up to the desired amount you want to make. Our Cool Strawberry Banana recipe calls for 2.1 ml of flavoring which will make 10.5 ml of ejuice when it’s all done but we’re going to double that recipe and make 21ml of ejuice. We can use this calculator tool to figure out how much nicotine we need to add. Using the calculator we can figure out how much of each ingredient we need to add. The nicotine I used for my flavor has a concentration of 60 mg/ml so under nicotine base I typed in 60 (obvi). I want my batch of juice to have 3 mg/ml of nicotine in it so I out that under Target Nicotine Level. I’m going to create 21 ml of this recipe and have 20% flavoring.

Step Five: So according to our calculator, we need to used 4.2 ml of our flavoring and 1.1 ml of nicotine. Make sure your gloves haven’t slipped and mix those two together.

Step Six: Our recipe also requires 15.7 ml of PG/VG. You can take your PG and VG and mix them 50/50 or whatever ratio you prefer and then add 15.7 ml to the flavoring/nicotine mixture.

Step Seven: Mix it up and try some(: If it doesn’t taste quite right we may need to let it steep, leave it uncovered in a cabinet or dark closed off area for a day or to to let it oxygenate and release yucky flavors.

Last Step: Clean all of it up using Everclear or Vodka and store the ingredients in a safe place. And don’t forget to send us a sample! We may send you one of ours back(: