2go for Android version 1.1 released – a review

A new version of Africa’s favourite instant messenger has finally been released. It promises faster log ins, a more beautiful UI, emoticon integration and an all round better experience.

Well, that’s the promise, but is it delivering on this promise?

After testing this new version ourselves at echo.com.ng, here’s our opinion:

True, the app looks a lot better, from a design point of view. The notification icon changed from the classic blue to a white logo (with the 2go text in black as against the classic white). The design looks more organised and there’s less clutter in general.

Added functionality
More functionality has been added in this new version, the most significant being the ability to share audio files with your friends.

Less speed
Most likely because of these modifications, the speed has significantly reduced. Navigation has become slower and that had led to a less exciting user experience in all. If you’re a high end Android user e.g. Samsung Galaxy, Google Nexus, HTC One etc, you will barely notice this drag. But seeing that majority of Africa’s IM market is comprised of lower end Tecno phones, majority of users may experience this slight discomfort.

Rounding it up,
The new version of 2go for Android is a welcome one, but since majority of the over 10 million users are in it because of the speed and excellent bandwidth management, this upgrade may not entirely be a welcome idea.

Anyway, what are your thoughts about this upgrade? When you upgrade, you automatically get a notification to rate the new version. Do leave feedback so that they can improve if necessary. Or if course, as is our tradition, you can leave a comment below.

EDIT: Here’s how to revert to the older version of 2go 1.0 without hassles.

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