App of the week: Best free online radio – TuneIn

Our app of this week is rated the best free online radio app by many, and most recommended for listening to internet radio. It lets you listen to live radio stations on air anywhere in the world, wherever you happen to be. From technology stations in Warwick, Europe to talk shows in Lagos, Africa, you have the option to search the globe by location, genre, station type, or even name or call sign, and start listening.

Best free online radio

It is TuneIn radio and it is the best free online radio I’ve used. With TuneIn radio I don’t need to download any special streaming app per radio station, I can just download the app on my phone or tablet,  search the station of choice, and start listening.

It’s free to use, but with $1 you can get the pro version with extended capability like recording live streams, like I’m currently streaming PraiseWorldRadio on TuneIn.


Get TuneIn radio for Android from the Google Play Store
Get TuneIn radio for other devices (including BlackBerry, Windows Phone, iPhone, iPad, Amazon Kindle, Smart TVs and your car) from the official TuneIn website

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