Philips SHL3300 Headphones Review

At the beginning of this Philips SHL3300 review, we’ll state that having a good pair of headphones is always welcomed. As you know, there are a lot of different products available on the market. Because of that, buying the right product for the most reasonable price is not always easy. Probably, if you are an audiophile or professional, you wouldn’t like to buy a new pair of headphones every day. Hence, you will make sure you buy the right headphones from the start. We hope that this Philips SHL3300 review is going to help you make a good decision.

Philips SHL3300 Review – Features

Philips is a well known brand which is offering a wide range of good products. One of them is Philips SHL3300 headphones. With their amazing sound quality, performance and stylish design, you will be very happy owning them. No matter if you are a professional, amateur, audiophile or you just want to enjoy the good vibes. They are designed to fit every style and taste. In addition, the price is affordable and reasonable for the quality you get. Scroll down this review and learn more about its features and specifications.

Philips SHL3300 Review

Perfect Listening Experience

Due to the high power handling you are getting high performance. No matter what the volume or the source is, you will still enjoy the great quality. As a result, Philips SHL3300 are delivering clear and crisp sound, even at high input power or high volumes. Also, you are getting distortion – free audio sound which sounds really good.

40mm Neodymium Drivers

In the first place, this Philips SHL3300 headphones come with a 40mm neodymium drivers. Hence, they are delivering a deep and defined bass with an amazing sound quality. Also, with an outstanding frequency response you are getting crisp, high tones and bass which is extended and defined. Besides, the closed – back system is blocking out all ambient noise. Consequently, you will hear every detail and note precisely at the moment.

Convenient, Comfortable and Durable Design

Because of the single – sided DJ monitoring style tuning in and out is really easy. Due to the adjustable ear shells and headband these headphones will fit the shape of your head. Also, the breathable ear cushions are providing a long listening comfort. It is all about the comfort which also comes because of the light weight headband with EVA foam. Extended durability, because of the coiled 1.5m cable and auto – return earpieces which are restoring the original position.

Foldable Design & Easy Storage

Clever, foldable design and careful selection of components will give you the best experience on the go. Therefore, portability and storage are really easy.

Philips SHL3300 Review – Specifications

Frequency Response18Hz – 25kHz
Sensitivity108 dB/mW
Input Impedance32 ohms
Driver Unit40mm Neodymium
Max. Power Input2200mW

Final Verdict

Finally, at the end of this Philips SHL3300 review, we are stating that it is a great deal. Designed for uncompromised audio delivery you are going to get the best out of it. Also, they feature earpieces which swivel up to 165 degrees for monitoring and extra flexibility. As a result you are getting an amazing quality, performance, durability and flexibility. Purchase this product and enjoy the good vibes.

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